Friday, July 1, 2016

Vacation - My current Occupation

This is where my soul comes alive. The feel of the sun kissing my skin and the gentle breeze floating around my body. The initial chill of the water that quickly becomes comfortable. The smell of the ocean and light fragrant scent of suntan lotion. The roar of the ocean brings such peace to my mind. To see the excitement on my son's face and the joy my parents had playing with him in the ocean that appears to meet the beautiful blue sky. To taste a bit of grit from the sand and any guilty pleasure of the beach such as seafood, ice cream, water ice, funnel cake, salt water taffy, etc. This is where I am inspired, where I am happiest, where soul comes alive. --Tamika


As an OT, I realized that I wasn't practicing what I preach. In thinking about Models of Practice and going back to the roots of my practice, I recalled learning the Model of Human Occupation (MOHO) and the Canadian Model of Occupational Performance (CMOP) in school. My OT students have made me aware of the KAWA model. I have been missing balance in my life for a number of years, especially since I became a mother.

Occupational Therapist write goals all the time. I have recently been working on setting several goals for myself.  One of my new goals is to take the time to stop and notice the beauty all around. Slow down and enjoy life. Live and not just survive.


-  reminds me to include my spirituality.

- environment influences occupation. Therefore, I need to take time to be more aware of my environment and the environments that I create.
- Focus of MOHO - engage people in occupations that restore, reorganize or maintain the motivation, patterning and performance capacity, therefore their occupational lives. (Ramafikeng, 2011).

- Belonging, Being, Doing
- Harmony and balance

Vacation provides rest, and renews your being so that you are ready to return to your everyday life ready to fulfill your purpose and be all that you were called to be. It makes me a better mother and therapist. It inspires your life and ideas. I challenge all that read this to work toward balance and harmony and engage in the occupation of vacation. 

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