Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Virtual work samples?! Yes, Please and Thank you.

Let's be honest. I use work samples a lot as a means of keeping records and to accompany my daily note documentation. However, I absolutely dislike keeping a MILLION pieces of paper in a working file. I also almost never took the time to look at or go through working files given to me by other therapist with tons of papers and work samples.

Last school year, a wonderful teacher at my school told me about the app Seesaw. The light bulb came on in my head and my face lit up.  Here is the answer to my work sample nightmare!

SEESAW is an app for making digital portfolios. I am not completely using it as intended. I am using it to keep records and document student progress in Occupational Therapy

To start, you have to set up an account. Next, you add all of your students into your "classroom." Next, let the fun begin!

Here are some of the features:

  • take pictures of students work
  •  take video of your students in therapy or the classroom
  •  students can draw and/or write in the app
  • Therapist can make notes about the amount of support needed to accomplish the final outcome
  • Therapist can also draw on the photo to indicate therapist model vs student work
  • Therapist can import work directly from other apps or camera roll

I like that I can view all work added for a given day for all students or just the items in an individual student's folder. Items can be flagged for later review.   Parents can be given access to view their child's progress from home by logging into the app or individual pictures can be shared with them via email.  I just love this aspect as it gets families involved in OT more and allows for more communication.  A picture or video can be very helpful and worth a thousand words.  It is definitely a great way to share work samples with the rest of the IEP team as well. I have the free version but there are more features with the upgraded/ paid version.

I give the SEESAW app a big three thumbs up! 

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